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     Doriak Designs' objective is to create light-displacement boats that combine the safety and performance of a rigid-inflatable with the practicality and aesthetics of a custom-made, wooden boat.

Bella Darya

     The 33' schooner Bella Darya is loosely based on Commodore Monroe's sharpies. It is a shallow-draft cat schooner with dual centerboards and an inboard diesel. Ballast is provided by 1000lbs of lead in the centerboards, the motor, the batteries, and the tankage. The boat should float even if it is fully swamped, or if one of the tubes is deflated. The rig is collapsible, using fully-battened sails in a sliding-gunter configuration, so that windage can be reduced during rough conditions or when motoring. The 20hp diesel pushes the 8,000lb (fully-loaded) boat at around 8 knots. The layout has a pilothouse aft, a center cockpit, which drains through the centerboard trunks, and a forward cabin with a head and v-berth. There are two pilot berths and a galley in the pilothouse.

     This schooner is the first full-size cruising sailboat built by Doriak Designs, but the construction method can be applied to custom RIBs in just about any configuration, from a Cape Cod Cat to a 60' halibut schooner, depending upon the customer's wishes. Of course, Doriak Designs can also do custom dinghies and small motorboats, which look a lot better than the production models and weigh half as much!

DORIAK PATENT - U.S. #6,044,789

     RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are widely used in search and rescue because the air-tubes offer a great deal of volume without a lot of structure, which offers more buoyancy and stability for a given displacement. Building with wood/epoxy construction makes custom, one-off RIBS practical. Mass-produced RIBS require expensive tooling, both for the fiberglass core and for the complex fabric weldments that give the air-tubes their shape.

     Doriak Designs' air-tubes are multi-layer, with a welded, urethane-coated nylon innertube, and a separate, hypalon-coated nylon skin, which is sewn to the desired shape. The innertube is removable and replaceable. An offshore boat would carry a spare tube, deflated, inboard of the primary tube, which would be ready to deploy if the primary tube were to be punctured for any reason.


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