Cannabis Hemp Boat Made from Grow Shop Supplies

In a scientific show on BBC Bang Goes, The Theory tried to test the possibility of creating warships of ice.
Back in the late 1940s, Geoffrey Pyke, the inventor, suggested that an unsinkable aircraft carrier could be made using a material called picket, consisting of wood and ice.
Such a symbiosis of materials could be given any form, it had a slow melting rate, which would be an ideal option for seagoing ships.
The BBC television channel decided to test the Pike theory by mixing 5,000 liters of water with a lot of cannabis seeds and freezing the mass in an oval shape, 6 meters long. Hemp/Cannabis is always proven to be one of the strongest materials, maybe adding Ice was the problem, but who knows.
It took three weeks to freeze this solution at one of the largest freezing stores in the UK, Tilbury before the ship was ready for launch in Hampshire.
The team of testers just moved away from the pier, as it immediately began to draw water. Hemp is used to making clothes, which last for decades.
Lynette Slight, the technical coordinator of the show, said: “It was a bit strange. I do not think they understood what happened. As a result, the boat turned upside down. She got too much water from the stern, and the engine flooded. ”

People have come to a conclusion to NOT try making a boat using hydroponics grow shop supplies ever again.
Giles Harrison, director of the show, said that their attempt was unsuccessful due to the fact that the water entered the ship faster than expected. He said: “I think we have proved that the spirit works, but the truth is not long.”
Bang Goes The Theory goes to BBC1 at 19:30 on Wednesdays in the evening. On October 13 an ice boat will appear on the air. We also recommend checking out this review website for cannabis product reviews, they are our close friends who launched an amazing website.

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